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 R2D2 Observatory
  In this page you can find information about the weather at the site where will be built my personal observatory. The place is close to popular observing site, so the information can be useful.

Site coordinates are: N 42° 47', E 22° 46', Elevation ~890m. It is located in village between the towns Breznik and Trun.

The image bellow is from wide-angle camera and is updated on every 10 minutes.
  The data bellow is provided by a PCE-FWS20 weather station and is updated on every 5 minutes. The most left  table shows the latest readings. The middle shows the averaged data for the last hour, next shows the averaged data from the last 10 hours. The << and >> buttons allow to browse older data.
Time 2018/06/23 19:02:04
Outdoor T° 15.7
Outdoor Hum % 53
Wind m/s 4.1
Gust m/s 5.8
Wind Direction W
Dew Point ° 6.17
Wind Chill ° 12.1
Rel Pressure 1016.1
Abs Pressure 913.9
Hour Rainfall 0
24h Rainfall 2.7
Week Rainfall 16.2
Month Rainfall 75.6
Indoor T° 21.4
Indoor Hum % 35
From 2018/06/23 18:02:04
To 2018/06/23 19:02:04
Outdoor T° 16.07
Outdoor Hum % 53
Wind m/s 4.64
Gust m/s 6.94
Wind Direction SWW
Dew Point ° 6.64
Wind Chill ° 12.12
Rel Pressure 1016.18
Abs Pressure 913.98
Hour Rainfall 0
24h Rainfall 2.48
Week Rainfall 14.85
Month Rainfall 69.3
Indoor T° 21.63
Indoor Hum % 34
From 2018/06/23 09:02:04
To 2018/06/23 19:02:04
Outdoor T° 13.89
Outdoor Hum % 65
Wind m/s 5.11
Gust m/s 7.82
Wind Direction W
Dew Point ° 7.16
Wind Chill ° 9.16
Rel Pressure 1016.6
Abs Pressure 914.62
Hour Rainfall 0.02
24h Rainfall 3.77
Week Rainfall 14.05
Month Rainfall 69.4
Indoor T° 16.43
Indoor Hum % 49

May the weather be with you!  

Special thanks to Maria Stoynova for building this page and the supporting back-end application!

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